FSI Space Tech 1.0 is the leading conference in Space Sciences and Space Technology. FSI Space Tech 1.0 was held in Orlando, Florida; a space landmark and center for space programs. This conference unites multidisciplinary pioneers to discuss their respective fields and the interrelatedness of each field.  Space Tech 1.0 provides scientists, students, entrepreneurs and engineers the opportunity to create diverse relationships paving the way for research, ideas and innovation.

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Technological development and innovation are of utmost importance for our society. The innovative and free creative potential of Space Science is evidenced by a rich tradition of inventions for space that have improved our healthcare system, hospitals, and teaching classrooms. Many game-changing innovations that have now become an essential part of our lives were created with the goal of space exploration in mind.

At the conference for September 2013 we brought pioneers, stakeholders and innovators to a meeting of the minds to help spark ideas, give rise to collaborations, promote and strengthen these networks, while also continuing to promote Florida as a leading state for Space Development and Exploration.

At this moment medicine is converging, adapting to new technologies, and transforming itself every minute. As we move towards a more complete sense of what we envision for our future, we increase our perception of our role in this world. We are in an era of globalization for the human race, and none of this could have been accomplished without Space Exploration.

It is our responsibility and pleasure to excite professionals, students, and industry on the amazing opportunities ahead. Events like these are needed to enhance the visibility of the hard work and dedication at Space centers, Universities, and in many other places where education initiatives alongside of cutting edge research are paving the road to success.

As we explore the heavens we are also forced to explore our planet in more detail. We stage simulation and training activities to recreate the closest conditions possible to the space environment. Kennedy Space Center has been the international symbol of Space exploration where people from all ages have gathered since the beginning of Space Program to marvel at what it means to travel across the skies. Florida sits at a privileged geographical location where people from all over the world also come to this internationally well-known destination. In recent years Central Florida, in particular, has become a center for Simulation and Training and where academia, industry and government are converging to stimulate innovation and creativity, leading the way forward for many scientific and technological applications that have real impact in today’s society.

FSI SPACE TECH 1.0 Student Competition

Students interested in spaces sciences and space technology were given the opportunity to submit posters for display at the conference. The student competition was open to undergraduate and graduate level students. Space Tech emphasizes multi-disciplinary cohesion; consequently we are looking for student research from multiple fields of study. Individuals and teams were invited to compete. Students from Florida and out-of-state were invited to participate in our first annual student competition. The student exhibit competition evaluated research examining the practical applicability, quality of the research, pertinence to global issues, as well as unforeseen applicability. Visual displays were not a requirement, but were strongly suggested.

Student Competition Prizes Include:

  • First Place Award: $500 Patricia Bockelman Morrow UCF
  • Second Place Award: $200 Matthew McInnis UCF
  • Third Place Award: $100 Eric Schulz UF
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Topics discussed:

SpaceTech 1.0 provided a forum for new ideas and innovation under the broad umbrella of space science and technology. Attendees were  exposed  to multidisciplinary experts which were interested in creating collaborations.  SpaceTech 1.0 brought together a dynamic program and list of very impressive speakers.


Rosen School of Hospitality Management, Orlando, FL.